ASG Election Participation Increases

By Miranda Campbell
Lemke Newsroom

Student participation in senate elections increased this year as 46 senators were elected to represent students from all seven UA colleges, an official said.

This year a record 1,969 students voted, said Rudy Trejo, ASG adviser.

“Last year’s (voter turnout) was 1,648, so there was quite an increase,” said Mike Norton, ASG senate chairman.

“I think a lot of it had to do with the number of candidates we had and the level of competition in each of the races,” Norton said of the increased voting. “The caliber and quality of candidates and the visions they have for this campus brought more students to the polls.”

Amy Butterfield, newly elected Fulbright senator, said she used social media and the UA traditional sidewalk chalking during her campaign.

“We made a Facebook group and invited all of our friends from the Fayetteville area, and then we told all of our friends to tweet about it,” Butterfield said. “We also chalked the sidewalk in places where we knew a lot of students would be walking.”

“Three candidates did not turn in their expense report so they were disqualified from the election,” Norton said. “Two of those candidates were unopposed because they were in the College of Education and Health Professions so those seats will be added to the two other open seats in that college.”

Those four at-large seats will be filled during a vacancy election Sept. 17-19. Those seats are open to anyone from any college, and any student can vote, Norton said.