Finding a Better Process: UA Functional Foods Researchers Work to Improve Food Processing

By Nick Brothers, LEMKE NEWSROOM. As health food standards gain popularity, companies are eager to get the maximum benefits in their foods, and UA Food Science department researchers are finding better methods to retain health-promoting compounds in processed foods, a UA researcher said. Luke Howard, professor of food science, leads the Functional Foods lab in […]

Creating a Physical Internet: UA Researchers Work to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

By Mason Carr, LEMKE NEWSROOM. UA and Virginia Tech researchers are mimicking the Internet in hopes to revolutionize the way products are delivered to consumers. They have coined their concept the Physical Internet. They hope that it could reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the costs of products, and the rate long-haul truck drivers quit or are […]

Arts Increase Revenue and Bring Jobs to Northwest Arkansas

By Karen Stigar, LEMKE NEWSROOM. The arts are generating more than creativity in northwest Arkansas. Arts and cultural organizations have had an increased impact on the local area economy in recent years. “The arts have a pretty big impact on the economy in northwest Arkansas. Americans for the Arts calculated that TheatreSquared had an estimated impact […]

Local Land Advocacy Group Supports Building UA Recreational Fields Near Kessler Mountain

By Clint Wray Lemke Newsroom UA administrators are considering where to add intramural fields and one area that might be purchased already has support from people who hike, bike and run on nearby trails. Those outdoor enthusiasts worry that if the UofA doesn’t buy the site just off South Cato Springs Road, developers could and […]

From Social Reform to Education Reform, Students Learn the Steps at UA Lecture

University Theater

Promotions for both TheatreSquared and the University Theatre hang in Nadine Baum Studios where T2 productions are staged. Photo by Kristen Coppola, LEMKE NEWSROOM