Taking Note: Professors and Students Struggle with Intellectual Property Issues on Note-Sharing Website

By Kristen Coppola Lemke Newsroom Intellectual property has become an issue at the UofA between professors and students with the rising popularity of a note-sharing website. Notehall was started in 2007 for students to buy notes from other students. The company keeps 50 percent of each sale as a commission. “We aim to facilitate student […]

UA Professors Work to Bring Multiple Learning Styles to the Classroom

By Kristen Coppola Lemke Newsroom Each day of the semester, UA professors juggle their presentations to accommodate the different ways that thousands of students learn. At the UofA, programs both help faculty and recognize professors’ teaching abilities. It is widely accepted that not all students learn in the same way, but there is much debate […]

Understanding the Problem: Four Acquaintance Rapes Reported During Past Two Months

By Kayli Farris Lemke Newsroom Acquaintance rapes, situations in which the victim knows the attacker, frequently are not reported, authorities said. In the past two months, however, four acquaintance rapes have been reported to police. Only one was reported from July 2010 until September 2012, according to the UAPD Daily Crime Log. To combat these […]

Charities Still Supported Through the Holidays Despite Recession

By Whitney Green Lemke Newsroom The recession and an increase in holiday spending are not factors in people’s decision to support charities – especially during the holidays, according to interviews. Organizations have created social media initiatives to encourage younger generations to donate to charity. Charitable giving increased by $6 billion in 2011, almost 4 percent […]

Roundabout in Fayetteville a Sign of Growing Intersection Modernization in America

By Clint Wray Lemke Newsroom Traditional transportation infrastructure designs are less expensive and quicker to complete than those based on engineering innovations, but the real cost ultimately gets passed on to drivers in the form of wasted energy and time. Stop-and-go traffic, because of outmoded intersection designs, wastes fuel and time. Without progressive efforts, engineers, […]

Hillside Auditorium Set To Open Next Semester Sets Example for UA Sustainability and Technolgy

By Kayli Farris Lemke Newsroom Sustainability and technology are major considerations in UA construction projects— new buildings, renovations, upgrades and expansions. Updates across campus keep classrooms and buildings on pace with ever-changing technology, and the latest entry is The Hillside Auditorium, set to open Jan. 14. The newest building on campus will include the latest […]

Malvertising Predicted To Be At All-Time High This Season

By Nick Brothers Lemke Newsroom As millions of Internet users nationwide log on, sign in, search this, and buy that online in this holiday season, they face the growing threat of what’s called malvertising, fake online advertisements that — once clicked — can surreptitiously download viruses or other malware into users’ computers. These malicious ads […]

150th Anniversary of Civil War Battle Brings Economic Growth to Town

Karen Stigar Lemke Newsroom Civil War enthusiasts and spectators took over the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park recently for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle at Prairie Grove but even after the crowd and gun smoke cleared the economic impact remains. “The community of Prairie Grove and Fayetteville both reaped the benefits of […]

New UA Program Provides Academic and Peer Support to Students with Autism

By Kristin Coppola Lemke Newsroom She is soft-spoken and often closes her eyes while talking with her peer mentor. She gestures with her hands whenever she is not clasping them tightly. She communicates adequately but thinks over each answer before responding. Freshman Bethany Lewis thought that attending the UofA wasn’t a feasible option, until her […]

Living Invisible: Northwest Arkansas Homeless Increases by 36 Percent

By Whitney Green Lemke Newsroom Northwest Arkansas homelessness increased 36 percent in two years, according to the UA most recent homeless census. Shelters have prepared to help the nearly 2,000 homeless people prepare for cold weather. Many organizations in northwest Arkansas have resources available for the homeless to receive food and clothing, but The Salvation […]