Honors Students Set to Track Presidential Candidates

By Jane Incao

Razorback Reporter

UA honors students will participate in a faculty research project this election season as part of the inaugural Honors College Forum, Tracking Trump and Hillary.

Along with gathering for a weekly discussion of campaign coverage and hearing from faculty experts who address different aspects of the election, students will take part in research done by Patrick Stewart, associate professor of political science.

Stewart’s research focuses on the use of humor in political debates, and what can be learned from an audience’s response to a candidate’s gestures and movement. Students will be required to watch presidential debates and will “work with a faculty panel to interpret the gestural and psychological spaces produced by the debaters as well as the response of the audience,” according to the Tracking Trump and Hillary syllabus.

The forum is led by Noah Pittman, assistant dean of recruitment and retention for the Honors College, and features a faculty speaker almost every week to discuss elections in relation to topics including gender, race, debate, regionalism, and polling.

The fall semester course was open to enrollment from honors students of all majors and classes said Kendall Curlee, director of communications for the Honors College. Eighteen students are participating.