Students get chocolate wasted to raise alcohol awareness

By Kamerin Hargrove

Razorback Reporter

A new UA residence hall education program called @Home was introduced Sept. 14, with Chocolate Wasted, an event designed to raise alcohol awareness for students who live on campus.

The @Home program, put in place by UA Housing, is dedicated to “bringing the best of residence hall education together,” according to the website.

The series is designed around three themes including personal development, diversity and helping students find resources to succeed academically, according the website.

The director of Residence Education, Takama Statton-Brooks, said that this is not the first Chocolate Wasted event on campus. Chocolate Wasted started in Reid Hall, Statton-Brooks said, but was incorporated into the new @Home program to concentrate on all students.

“Alcohol is an everybody issue, not just a female issue,” she said. “It affects all of our students, and we notice it because students live on campus.”

Chocolate Wasted was tweaked to provide better information to students while having a great time learning something and that the event was not a lecture based format but more interactive, Statton-Brooks said. Housing staff used a variety of commonly played drinking games, but substituted chocolate for alcohol, to illustrate how pervasive recreational drinking can be.

“We really tried to get something that could benefit students,” she said. “If you’ve never had a ‘convo’ about the impact of alcohol to help prepare yourself then what are you supposed to do?”

Chocolate Wasted is not the only event that will be presented this year by the @Home program, she said.

Other scheduled events include a Finance Symposium, Election Watch Party and an Exploration of Spirituality, according to the #UARKHome website.