Risks Assessed as E-Cigarettes Trend

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By Ashton Eley The Razorback Reporter Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity among teens and young adults, but little is known about long-term health effects of the marketed alternative to smoking, according to UA research. About 6.6 percent of adolescents used electronic cigarettes, UA graduate researcher Monica Daniel said of a 2012 national survey. And the […]

At the Technology Cafe, Campuses Picky

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By Millie Hogue The Razorback Reporter On every college campus, in every corner of the country, freshmen have one thing in common: They all carry what amounts to a library, fitted snugly inside their backpacks. Almost 94 percent of college students own a laptop, an additional 88 percent own a smartphone and 51 percent own […]

Economists Decry Loss of Middle-Skill Jobs

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By Christina Wilkerson The Razorback Reporter The factory worker who dressed in blue overalls and a well-worn cap screwed panels onto television sets from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. then whistled on his way home — content with his good wage and benefits — seems to have largely vanished from the work force and with […]

Academic Bullet Point: ‘Oh, the Humanities!’

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By Alex Golden Razorback Reporter Go to college, major in biology, go to medical school. It was a really good plan. Halfway through college, that plan still was perfectly in motion for University of Arkansas student Emilie Tallent. After all, she always did really well in her math and science classes, and there was no […]

Housing ‘Upsells’ with Eco Features

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By Nathan Owens The Razorback Reporter Smart houses and environmentally friendly apartments are becoming more prevalent, and though they’re not cheap, they’re in demand because they are built for a generation that is OK with spending a little extra to support sustainability, a University of Arkansas visiting professor said. Alison Turner, a visiting architecture professor, […]

UA Guards Against Cyberbullying

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By Rachel Walker The Razorback Reporter University of Arkansas police and other campus organizations have procedures that combat cyberbullying and verbal harassment among students. Many harassing messages are conveyed by social media and anonymous Twitter accounts. Posting mean-spirited, anonymous electronic messages constitutes cyberbullying, and UA officials who would like to stop it in its tracks. […]

Programs Serve Injured Veterans

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By Brian Dunnaway The Razorback Reporter After serving more than nine years in the Army infantry, including two tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan, one University of Arkansas student is struggling with injuries not yet certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical system, but he is pressing on, using his VA […]

Work Opportunities Tricky for Foreign Students

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By Alex Golden The Razorback Reporter The University of Arkansas, along with institutions across the country, strives to attract international students, but when they graduate, these same students struggle to find jobs and internships, students and alumni said in interviews. The main reason is that companies must sponsor international students whom they hire. That requires […]

UA Refines Policies, Training for LGBT Issues

The Safe Zone Allies sticker is provided to University of Arkansas faculty and staff who go through specific LGBT awareness training and consider themselves allies. The question is, "Should there be a sign in everyone's door to tell students that the UofA is a safe place," said Brande Flack, associate director of leadership and development. Dulce M. Wills / The Razorback Reporter

By Dulce M. Wills The Razorback Reporter More than 55 percent of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation, according to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, a New York-based advocacy group. At the University of Arkansas, faculty and staff are re-examining the LGBT awareness […]

UA’s Poultry Vaccine Promising

Lisa Bielke, a University of Arkansas poultry health research assistant professor, checks on chickens that were given a food safety vaccine to protect against salmonella. Ashton Eley / The Razorback Reporter

By Ashton Eley The Razorback Reporter The University of Arkansas department of poultry science has developed a vaccine that will improve chicken health worldwide and potentially could save lives someday, a researcher said. Lisa Bielke, a poultry health research assistant professor, and her team constructed a vaccine that protects chickens from the food-borne pathogens — […]