Living Invisible: Northwest Arkansas Homeless Increases by 36 Percent

By Whitney Green Lemke Newsroom Northwest Arkansas homelessness increased 36 percent in two years, according to the UA most recent homeless census. Shelters have prepared to help the nearly 2,000 homeless people prepare for cold weather. Many organizations in northwest Arkansas have resources available for the homeless to receive food and clothing, but The Salvation […]

UAPD Use Social Media and Mobile Devices to Help Daily Operations

By Nick Brothers, Lemke Newsroom. In a booming age of mobile phones and wireless technology, campus police are using social media, tablet devices, and mobile emergency programs as part of their daily operations. New in the fall semester, the addition of smart911 to the UA community allows students to register their phone number with their […]

Dressed in Yellow: Women Tell Stories about Life Behind Bars

By Karen Stigar LEMKE NEWSROOM Time is precious. That’s clear in the voices of women inmates whose work was presented in the “Prison Stories Project” performance recently at St. Paul’s Episcopal. Nine women participated in the program and their work was written into a script that was performed actors, said Kathy McGregor, prison stories project […]

Increased Popularity in Renaissance Faires Bring Fairytale Endings For Local Economies

By Karen Stigar, Lemke Newsroom. Jousting, sword fights and the renaissance era came to Fayetteville when the Ozark Renaissance and Fantasy Faire converted the Washington County Fair Grounds. Knights and belly dancers might seem an unconventional way to bring revenue to Fayetteville but visiting patrons’ need for lodging, food, entertainment, transportation and their other discretionary […]

Students Give Feedback on Required Volunteering for Campus Organizations

By Whitney Green, Lemke Newsroom. Volunteering — for high school and college students — has gained significance because of the variety of community service hours that are often required to gain eligibility for schools, study programs, scholarships, internships and jobs, according to interviews. Required volunteering has encouraged students to get involved in the community, however […]

UofA Adds Bilingual Staff to Increase Latino Enrollment

By Sarah Villegas LEMKE NEWSROOM UA Latino enrollment has steadily increased in the past 10 years, and the office for diversity affairs implemented a new office to meet the needs of Hispanic students on campus and in northwest Arkansas. The bilingual staff at La Oficina Latina is a UA first, said Brande Flack-Armstrong, assistant director […]

Finding a Better Process: UA Functional Foods Researchers Work to Improve Food Processing

By Nick Brothers, LEMKE NEWSROOM. As health food standards gain popularity, companies are eager to get the maximum benefits in their foods, and UA Food Science department researchers are finding better methods to retain health-promoting compounds in processed foods, a UA researcher said. Luke Howard, professor of food science, leads the Functional Foods lab in […]

Creating a Physical Internet: UA Researchers Work to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

By Mason Carr, LEMKE NEWSROOM. UA and Virginia Tech researchers are mimicking the Internet in hopes to revolutionize the way products are delivered to consumers. They have coined their concept the Physical Internet. They hope that it could reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the costs of products, and the rate long-haul truck drivers quit or are […]

UA Recognized Nationally for Fall Colors

By Kayli Farris, Lemke Newsroom. The UofA, known by locals for its beautiful campus, regularly attracts visitors to explore the area. The fall foliage this season, however, might not be as colorful as usual because of the summer drought. The UofA was named one of “10 Must See Campuses for Fall Fanatics,” according to […]

UofA Awarded Top “Military Friendly School” for Third Consecutive Year

By Sarah Villegas, Lemke Newsroom. For the third consecutive year the UofA has been recognized as a top “Military Friendly School” for 2013, according to The Military Friendly Schools list honors the top 15 percent of schools that accommodate military students and their dependents to foster academic success while in school. The list is […]