Athletes Cautioned on Social Media Use

Entrance to UA's Lemke Department of Journalism

By Ashton Eley The Razorback Reporter Athletes’ mistakes in this viral age instantly get uploaded and shared on social media. Now more than ever, college athletes must constantly be aware of how they represent themselves, the University of Arkansas director of compliance said. In 2009, the incident involving a sports agent who paid for a […]

Job Training Grows, Rivals Higher Ed

Instructor John Lindsey teaches Alfredo Ulloa Del Rio (from left), Michael Horetsky and Michael Campos. Students get hands-on trade education in automotive service technology courses at Northwest Technical Institute in Springdale. Christina Wilkerson / The Razorback Reporter

By Christina Wilkerson The Razorback Reporter Robin Eason was a technical writer and single mother working in the corporate sector, where she saw layoffs and mergers. After witnessing the fickle nature of business, Eason decided she needed a stable career that would provide for her family in the midst of an unpredictable economy. “I started […]

My Calling: Christy’s Story

Brooke McNeely Galligan | Lemke Newsroom Christy Ray is a Springdale, Ark. native whose only dream was to be a mom one day. After trying for 10 years she finally accepted it wasn’t going to happen. To help fill the hole she decided to start babysitting. That was 12 years ago and she believes it […]

Center for Educational Access provides for disabled students

William Bowden | Lemke Newsroom The Center for Educational Access (CEA) provides assistance technology for disabled students and students who want to improve their classroom experience. Communicating the availability of technology to students has been a founding principle, CEA Associate Director Heidi A. Scher said. “Out ultimate goal is to improve the access of knowledge […]

Fayetteville residents get totally juiced

By Rachel Warren | Lemke Newsroom Humans are bombarded with more than 70,000 chemicals at any given moment, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These toxins enter the body through air, water, food, even skin care products. The skin, lungs, and liver can expel some toxins, but others that aren’t eliminated are stored as fat […]

Social Media and Online Sales Boost Student Entrepreneurship

By Jaime Dunaway | Lemke Newsroom The rise of online shopping has made it easier for student entrepreneurs to create their own businesses and sell products on social media. That convenience also has prompted some students to delay college or even drop out to work on establishing their businesses. Hannah Morehart, a UA junior apparel […]

UA Ballroom Dance Club Welcomes Students of all Experience Levels, Builds Out-Of-State Presence By Winning Multiple Awards

The UA Ballroom Dance Club has won multiple awards at out-of-state competitions. The club meets twice a week in the HPER building. Students of all levels of experience may join, and interested participants may choose whether to attend the competitive or social practices.

New local fitness center offers low-impact workout

By Rachel Warren | Lemke Newsroom Ballet-inspired fitness studios are opening across the nation and are gaining popularity because of the dancer physiques that the exercises can create. This form of exercise uses a ballet barre as a prop, but dance experience isn’t required for participation. “There’s no performance element to it,” said Megan Hurley, […]

21c, Crystal Bridges brings more tourism to region

By Augusta Fields | Lemke Newsroom A Bentonville hotel that opened with much attention from area media is attracting national recognition and bringing more visitors to one of the top tourism regions in the state. The 21c Museum Hotel was named the top hot hotel in the U.S. and fourth worldwide. The rating was based […]

UA researchers concerned about students’ excessive cell phone use

  By William Bowden | Lemke Newsroom UA researchers are conflicted about the nature of excessive student cellphone use while driving; these students could be experiencing a behavior disorder or a type of addiction, researchers said. A study conducted by the Walton College of Business in 2011 surveyed more than 900 people about their cellphone […]