UofA Adds Bilingual Staff to Increase Latino Enrollment

By Sarah Villegas LEMKE NEWSROOM UA Latino enrollment has steadily increased in the past 10 years, and the office for diversity affairs implemented a new office to meet the needs of Hispanic students on campus and in northwest Arkansas. The bilingual staff at La Oficina Latina is a UA first, said Brande Flack-Armstrong, assistant director […]

Coming to America: International Students Discuss Requirements, Scholarships at the UofA

By Allison Perkins LEMKE NEWSROOM [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjrVTYGynTA&feature=g-upl[/youtube] Before being admitted to the UofA, prospective international students must pass English proficiency exams, submit grades and test scores, and meet several other requirements. “There are a number of basic requirements that students have to meet before they are accepted,” said International Recruitment Officer Karl Anderson. “They have to […]

International Student Enrollment Increases at UA

By Allison Perkins Lemke Newsroom UA international enrollment is at an all-time high this fall with a preliminary number of 1,228 total students from 115 different countries, the director of International Students and Scholars said Wednesday. “In the fall of 2011 we had 1,191 international students, but from 117 countries,” Freeman said. “So we’re up […]