From a Distance: Egyptian and Libyan Students Talk about Protests at Home and Pressures Abroad

By Allison Perkins Lemke Newsroom [youtube][/youtube] Egyptian and Libyan UA students find themselves caught in the middle of confusion and controversy surrounding recent protests in their home countries. Ten Egyptian students are enrolled this semester and four Libyan students, according to the International Students and Scholars Fall enrollment report. Because these students are living in […]

American Diplomat’s Death Will Be Topic of Discussion for International Relations Students

By Kristen Coppola LEMKE NEWSROOM After the fatal attack on the U.S. mission in Libya Tuesday, students in the UA international relations program are learning about the risks of entering the Foreign Service and diplomacy, a UA professor said Wednesday. Hoyt Purvis, journalism professor and director of the Fulbright Institute of International Relations, discussed the […]

Anti-Islam Film Ignites Debates on Social Media

By Shelby Gill Lemke Newsroom UA students found the video that mocks the Prophet Muhammad degrading, but it does not justify killing the American ambassador to Libya and three other U.S. diplomats, those interviewed Wednesday said. Some refused to watch the video after they learned of the violence attributed to it, and the disrespect to […]