Taking Out the Trash: Old Blackboard Queries Slow the System for Students and Faculty

By Nick Brothers, Lemke Newsroom. After discovering that years of documents in the Blackboard recycle bin database were slowing response time for users, UA technicians turned off the recycle function, causing a significant increase in speed, the UA Blackboard administrator said. Blackboard Learn is software that provides digital methods for faculty to manage basic classroom […]

Smart Rooms for Smart Students:Number of “Smart” Classrooms Increase on Campus

By Nick Brothers Lemke Newsroom Smart Rooms for Smart Students[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js4SzI8HQ9M&list=UUFLQVh0K6euwG9BUiMLSJPA&index=2&feature=plcp[/youtube] The UofA now has more than 120 “smart classrooms” across campus. That is a sharp increase in nearly five years and 30 more are planned next year, a UA official said. There are 148 general classrooms across campus, and 331 special-purpose classrooms, giving the university […]

Students Play Games, Record Music in New Technology Center

By Nick Brothers Lemke Newsroom The UA Student Technology Center has attracted an estimated 500 students a day since it opened four months ago, the manager said. The computer and game center opened on Dead Day of the spring semester, and the response was “wow”, manager Eve Owens said. “The next day was Saturday, and […]

Email Phishing Scam Reported on Campus

Nick Brothers Lemke Newsroom A malicious email password phishing scam claiming to come from the Information Technology Services help desk, is circulating on UA accounts, the ITS security team reported early Tuesday morning. The emails can come from anywhere, but ITS security has narrowed the hacked email account source to come from two very similar […]

Students Will Demonstrate Wireless Technology at Walton College Open House

By Kristen Coppola Lemke Newsroom Students at the Radio Frequency Identification Research Center will demonstrate wireless technology used to tag products to track them through the retail supply chain during an open house Tuesday, according to the Walton College of Business. The open house will begin with a tour at 2 p.m. and end with […]

Adobe Creative Suite Class Registration Begins at UA Global Campus

By Nick Brothers Lemke Newsroom Those who want to learn how to use the computer design program Adobe Creative Suite 6, can register for classes at the Global Campus of Fayetteville or Rogers. Mike Sypult, director of computer training, and instructor Starlyn Danley will teach the one-day classes. “We start our class and approach each […]