UA Faculty, Staff and Students Fight Against National Obesity Among College Campuses

By Sarah Villegas LEMKE NEWSROOM The South ranked as the fattest region in the United States with 29.5 percent of the population considered obese, according to a report by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Arkansas was the eighth fattest state with 30.9 percent of residents considered obese, making the state one of […]

Membership In The GreeNWAy Initiative Continues to Grow

By Clint Wray LemkeNewsroom [youtube][/youtube] Two years have passed since the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce started the GreeNWAy Initiative. The GreeNWAy Initiative was designed to encourage NWA businesses of any size to adopt sustainable practices that create less impact on the environment and encourage practices that promote sustainability in a changing economy. According to the […]