Walton College to open retail lab at Harmon Garage in spring semester

By Cindy Zavaleta The Razorback Reporter Laboratories, especially those on college campuses, bring to mind images of microscopes, beakers, Bunsen burners and – in this high-tech age – computers. The Walton College of Business is about to take the next step into the future. Students learning the retail business are scheduled next semester to open […]

UofA, city look to create bike-sharing program

  By Richard Pellegrino                                                                                                                     The Razorback Reporter A joint bike-sharing program could replace Razorbikes and include stations on campus and throughout the city, officials proposed at the UA sustainability council. “We are in the development and planning stages of, hopefully, launching a bike share system that will serve the city of Fayetteville residents and […]

Consent an elusive matter in agreeing on sexual activity

Razorback Reporter By Alexandra Blacutt Yes means yes. No means no; seemingly so. In the complicated arena of interpersonal relationships, consent is a difficult negotiation. That has become the prevailing attitude regarding sexual consent across, college campuses in the nation. It’s very difficult to define the standard. “I think consent is just such a hard […]

Counseling therapy takes a turn toward excitement

By Katie Maloney The Razorback Reporter Adventure Based Therapy, with its outdoors activities, is all-around better for male adolescent mental and physical health than traditional group therapy, advocates say, and UA officials hope to build an ABT grad school curriculum. “It’s kind of an umbrella term for experiential type of counseling, terms often associated are […]

‘Yes’ campaign helps to clarify meaning of sexual assault

By Andrea Zepeda The Razorback Reporter A UA doctoral student has found a way to build rapport with students and lecture on the sensitive topic of sexual assault by employing a game that allows students to get comfortable with the subject, even laugh at themselves, when appropriate. “It’s tricky because you don’t want them laughing […]

Syrian culture destroyed by ISIS

By Lauren Randall The Razorback Reporter Five of the six World Heritage sites in Syria listed by UNESCO as endangered cultural areas have been severely damaged and looted for antiquities by terrorist groups, the U.N. organization reported. ISIS has destroyed monuments, temples, and cities that go against their ideological beliefs, and are looting archeological sites […]

Office of Study Abroad pledges to keep students safe

By Lauren Randall The Razorback Reporter About 80 students who plan to study abroad met in November with UA officials to ask questions and learn how best to prepare before leaving the U.S. They were part of groups whose spring, summer and fall study plans take them far from home. DeDe Long, director of the […]

Number of homeless at Salvation Army to double when temperatures drop

  By Ginny Monk The Razorback Reporter As temperatures plunge below freezing over the next few months, the Salvation Army will begin opening its emergency shelters to the 2,462 homeless of northwest Arkansas. Nearly 700 of them live on the streets or in emergency shelters, according to the most recent survey from the Community and […]

Automation to replace people in job market, researchers say

By Richard Pellegrino The Razorback Reporter Nearly one-half of technology experts think that advances in technology will have displaced more jobs than they have created within the next 10 years, according to a Pew Research Center canvass of about 2,000 experts. Automation soon will replace jobs done by workers ranging from bank tellers to truck […]

Study abroad continues, but with caution

By Cindy Zavaleta The Razorback Reporter The UA study abroad office has no plans to cancel programs, despite recent terrorist attacks, notably the one that struck Paris. The study abroad office has not had any students cancel trips, administrators said. As soon as the study abroad office was made aware of the events unfolding in […]