By Miranda Campbell
Lemke Newsroom

Seven UA senators will vacate their seats at the end of the semester because they did not comply with a new Associated Student Government policy that requires them to offer a formal proposal each semester.

Senators are required to “write one piece of legislation per semester in the form of either a bill or a resolution and personally present said legislation to the ASG Senate,” according to the ASG website.

Senate chairman Mike Norton has made it clear from the beginning that he would enforce this rule, he said at the ASG meeting last week.

“Currently there are seven senators who haven’t met the requirement, meaning they haven’t written a bill or resolution and do not have one down for first reading on tonight’s agenda,” Norton said before last night’s meeting. “They will be removed from the roster and kicked off senate. Their seat will be filled via an at-large vacancy by the fourth week of classes in the spring semester, which we always do anyways.”

The requirements ensure everyone contributes, Norton said.

“In past years, only 26 senators wrote or sponsored legislation,” he said. “This year that number will be above 40. I am happy with the content. We have addressed some pretty diverse issues on campus as a body.

“A resolution illustrating the ‘voice of the students’ on a given issue is worthless if they do not take it to the appropriate administration and lobby for students’ wishes,” Norton said. “Most of them met with the administration when writing their resolutions or bills to make sure that the last step will go in our favor. Most of that work will likely be done next semester for these last few pieces of legislation simply because finals are upon us.”