By Kristen Coppola

Three faculty members were appointed into interim administrative positions in August by the dean of the Walton College of Business.

Eli Jones appointed Gary Ferrier as interim associate dean for undergraduate studies, Bill Curington as interim chair of the department of economics and Amy Farmer as interim co-chair of the Walton College global engagement office.

“These hires are from within the college, not new hires,” said David Speer, Walton College director of communications.

Ferrier had been the chair of the department of economics, and Curington had been the co-chair of the Walton College global engagement office.

“There were openings for associate dean because the previous associate dean, Moez Limayen,(CQ both) went to the University of South Florida to be the dean at the business college,” Speer said. “The other previous dean, Javier Reyes, is the vice provost for distance education at the global campus.”

The interim positions will last for a year, and at some time in the year they will reopen to applicants as permanent positions and the interim faculty members may reapply at that time, Ferrier said.

“The dean joked that like the TV show the A-Team, he has the I-Team,” Ferrier said. “It’s for his protection as well as my protection. If I don’t like it, then I can step down (because it’s interim).”

The interim positions were a continuation of appointments by Jones that began in July after he officially became the dean on July 1.

“(It’s) just a matter of getting his leadership team in place,” Speer said of the hires.