Membership In The GreeNWAy Initiative Continues to Grow

By Clint Wray LemkeNewsroom [youtube][/youtube] Two years have passed since the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce started the GreeNWAy Initiative. The GreeNWAy Initiative was designed to encourage NWA businesses of any size to adopt sustainable practices that create less impact on the environment and encourage practices that promote sustainability in a changing economy. According to the […]

Rain, Razorback Loss Do Not Dampen Game-Day Profits for Local Businesses

By Greg Tavarez Lemke Newsroom [youtube][/youtube] The Razorback football game against Alabama affected the total sales of Fayetteville and UA businesses as a normal football game, despite the falling circumstances of Razorback football and the rainy weather, a Chamber of Commerce staff member said. Razorback football helped city businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, the Fayetteville […]

Renovated Hotel Opens for Game Weekend

By Greg Tavarez Lemke Newsroom The renovated and renamed Chancellor Hotel, located on The Square in downtown Fayetteville, will be ready for the ribbon cutting ceremony and the grand opening scheduled 10 a.m. Friday, officials said. The refurbished hotel will register guests who are in town for the Razorback football game against Alabama. The Chancellor […]

UA Performing Arts Center Assistance Grant Pending

By Greg Tavarez Lemke Newsroom The Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission will wait to respond to a request for $1 million to the UofA for a proposed performing arts center on campus. The commission also reported that hotel, motel and restaurant taxes in August exceeded $200,000, a 6.7 percent increase over the same month last […]

New Drugs Lower Cost for Patients

By Greg Tavarez LEMKE NEWSROOM A Fayetteville biotech firm discovered a new method using proteins in drugs to help treat diseases and cancer while reducing the costs for residents in northwest Arkansas, according to an announcement from the firm. “Boston Mountain Biotech addresses the problem of people suffering because most manufacturers can’t afford the drugs,” […]