The Razorback Reporter is a digital publishing platform for work produced by student reporters at the UA School of Journalism and Strategic Media. The majority of the stories published here come from a news reporting cohort at the school called the Lemke Digital Media Lab.

For the past ten years, student reporters have been carefully selected for the lab to receive real-life reporting and newsgathering experience in a classroom.  The students work closely with editors as they learn news reporting, editing, social media, multimedia, and data journalism for enough experience to help them stand out and have an edge in the field.

Each year, the lab accepts up to 15 students who have applied and completed the following prerequisites:

– Fundamentals of Journalism
– Media & Society
– News Reporting I
– Interviews with the Digital Media Lab faculty

The Digital Media Lab is offered in the fall semester only. The block of classes, taught daily by four professors, includes News Reporting II, Editing, Data Journalism, Visual Journalism and Social Media.

Students are assigned to the Digital Media Lab exclusively for the semester and should not take additional classes or commit to a job between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. — Monday through Friday.

If you are a student interested in learning more and/or applying for the next fall semester cohort of the Lemke Digital Media Lab, contact Professor Gerald Jordan or fill out the form below:

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