University to Include Transgender Benefits

By Shelby Evans The Razorback Reporter On an extremely windy and one of the first cold days of the semester, instead of going directly to the Pat Walker Health Center for his weekly appointment, freshman Rhyker Dye procrastinated at the Arkansas Union. He knew he couldn’t stay there long; his next class was in 45 […]

Provost Search

  • Provost candidate Sheryl Tucker spoke at the UofA on Oct. 21.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Links to Fayetteville

By Hillary Hollis The Razorback Reporter The Standing Rock Sioux protest against the oil pipeline in North Dakota reached Fayetteville Saturday and has affected UA students. “As a person from a reservation, I’ve seen how badly our people need resources,” junior Gabriella Tovar said. Tovar is Navajo and grew up on a Navajo reservation in […]

Faculty to Provide STEM Training in Iraq

By Jane Incao The Razorback Reporter The administration in the UA Department of Curriculum & Instruction is developing a program to help Iraqi professors effectively teach STEM courses, the chairman said. Careers science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) are valuable to industries because of the scientific and economic innovation they provide, according to the U.S. […]

Two Students who Contracted Mumps Recovered

By Shelby Evans Razorback Reporter The Arkansas Department of Health Tuesday reported two confirmed cases of the mumps involving UA students. Neither student has the mumps any more but the UA community should remain cautious, said the assistant director of communications for Pat Walker Health Center. “On Tuesday, we were informed by the ADH of […]

Protest Planned in Support of Standing Rock

By Hillary Hollis The Razorback Reporter Nearly 150 people are planning to protest Saturday afternoon in Fayetteville to show solidarity with pipeline protesters in North Dakota, according to the Facebook event post. Tiffany Holcomb-Pascual of Springdale organized the event on Facebook. NWA Stand with Standing Rock and will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. […]

Solar Could Be the Ticket for UofA

By Jane Incao The Razorback Reporter The U.S. Department of Energy has granted Fayetteville-based company Picasolar a total of $3.3 million to develop a more efficient and sustainable prototype for building solar panels as part of their 2011 SunShot Initiative. The SunShot Initiative, which launched in 2011, is the Department of Energy’s national effort to […]

UA Wants More Bike Commuters, Fewer Drivers

By Hillary Hollis The Razorback Reporter The UA Office of Sustainability is working to improve bicycle friendliness on campus. Bicycle permits and registration are free at the UA parking department in an effort to encourage cycling on campus and as a general mode of transportation, according to the UA parking and transportation website. Permits and […]

UA Counseling Center Limits Continued Treatment For Students

By Shelby Evans The Razorback Reporter Increased requests for service have led the UA Counseling and Psychological Services Center (CAPS) to refer students to outside sources, the executive director of Pat Walker Health Center said. “All of our resources are going towards that initial contact, sometimes with a few visits thereafter,” said Mary Alice Serafini, […]

Razorback Recovery Community Provides Safe Space for Students

By Kamerin Hargrove The Razorback Reporter Binge drinking among college students is common nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People between ages 18 and 34 are the most likely to Consume four to five or more drinks in about two hours. That pattern of drinking raises blood alcohol concentration to .08 […]

UA Food Science Researchers Seek Alternative to Artificial Food Dye

By Jane Incao Razorback Reporter Food Science doctoral candidates are working to find a stable natural food color to replace artificial food dyes such as Red 40. The interest in finding a replacement for artificial food dyes is largely because of consumer demand for natural food products, said Nate Stebbins, who is completing a Ph.D. […]