Reporters on Homeless Project

Stories on The Razorback Reporter are produced by students at the UA School of Journalism and Strategic Media.

Here are the student journalists on this semester’s project:

Reporter: Katy Seiter

Katy Seiter is an undergraduate student in the advertising and public relations sequence of journalism. She has served as a Marketing & Development intern with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for two semesters. While reporting on homelessness, she’s enjoyed becoming more involved with her community and more understanding of homelessness across the state.

Reporter: Whitney King

Whitney King is a graduate student that focuses her reporting on homeless felons. She has worked with a local homeless center and spent her time advocating for the organization and the people who utilize it. Currenly, she is working with graduates and undergraduates all over the United States to document stories on homeless individuals. After graduation, she hopes to work in documentary filmmaking.

Reporter: Michael Adkison

Michael Adkison is a University of Arkansas Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. He has reported and produced for UATV, a student-run news broadcast at the U of A. He also writes for Walton Insights, a business blog hosted by the Walton College of Business. He will continue studying for a Master’s degree in journalism in Fall 2020. Michael has reported for the Razorback Reporter on local homeless census counts and the homeless population within a local county jail, analyzing discrepancies between the homeless demographics and the greater Northwest Arkansas population.
Phone: (214) 907-3730

Reporter: Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore is a graduate student studying journalism at the University of Arkansas. Moore is a podcast producer, using audio to tell stories about veteran homelessness in Northwest Arkansas. For more podcasts and work, see his portfolio.

Reporter: Abbi Ross

Abbi Ross is a junior studying journalism with a news and editorial
concentration. Ross is currently a senior staff reporter for the
Arkansas Traveler and will serve as editor in chief for the 2020-2021
school year. She has covered homelessness since joining the Traveler in
the spring of 2019 and building relationships within that community has
helped open her eyes as a reporter and develop a love for more
investigative journalism.
She can be found on twitter at @AbbiRoss10

Reporter: Brooke Tomlin

Brooke Tomlin is a senior journalism major with a concentration in advertising and public relations from the University of Arkansas. Her past experience includes being the editor for her high school yearbook staff, assisting a North Dallas Real Estate team as a summer intern, and working as a resident’s assistant in Reid Hall for two years. Brooke enjoys reporting on homelessness in Northwest Arkansas because it has opened her eyes to see her community’s needs and given her an avenue to respond.

Reporter: Mary-Morgan Ellis

Mary-Morgan Ellis is a graduate student studying journalism at the University of Arkansas. Ellis received her undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in history. Her reports cover homeless women and how shelters are operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Giving a voice to niche groups within the homeless community serves as an inspiration to her reporting.

Reporter: Elias Weiss

Elias Weiss writes about transgender homeless youth in Northwest Arkansas. He first started reporting on LGBTQ+ homelessness two years ago, publishing his coverage in The Arkansas Traveler in October 2018. Elias worked as a lifestyles reporter for The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette before studying journalism further at Linnaeus University in Sweden in 2019. He has since served as the opinion editor for the Traveler and reported Razorback sports for the Gazette. His reporting of LGBTQ+ homelessness has changed his worldview and made him understand how many people in his community struggle silently around him.d in Northwest Arkansas.

Reporter: Elena Ramirez

Elena Ramirez is involved with the local podcast, District 3 Podcast, where she oversees the social media platform and interviews local guest. She is currently working with a team of undergraduates on the Razorback Reporter where she is writing about immigrant students at her university.