Fuel Costs Become a Factor for Fayetteville Police

by Kayli Farris, Lemke Newsroom. Rising fuel costs and growing concerns about environmental harm from fuel emissions has led Fayetteville city officials to seek more efficient choices for the Fayetteville Police Department fleet, according to interviews. “A sluggish economy, stagnant budget and rising fuel costs have forced us to think of innovative ways to save […]

RazALERT Test Failed to Notify Many Students

By Kayli Farris Lemke Newsroom UA officials tested the RazALERT system Tuesday morning, but many students did not receive timely notifications. Some not at all, several students who were interviewed said. UA officials are reviewing campus security and emergency operations because four college campuses have been evacuated after bomb threats in the past week. “The […]

Drug-related Arrests Increase on UA Campus

By Kayli Farris LEMKE NEWSROOM [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohy39rbyF7I&list=UUFLQVh0K6euwG9BUiMLSJPA&index=10&feature=plcp[/youtube] Drug-related arrests have increased on campus this fall, a UAPD official said, and that increase can be attributed to several factors. Lt. Gary Crain, UAPD spokesman, cited better awareness by the UA housing staff, well-trained police officers, growing university enrollment and the increase in drug abuse among pre-college age […]

Fayetteville Resident Arrested After High-Speed Chase

By Kayli Farris Lemke Newsroom A Fayetteville resident was arrested after fleeing the scene where he left a motorcycle in a ditch, following a high-speed chase with UAPD Monday morning. Roger Smith, 23, of 5247 Shaeffer Road, Fayetteville, was arrested at 8:02 a.m. Monday in connection with fleeing, driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended […]

University Officials Respond to Rape Report

By Mason Carr LEMKE NEWSROOM UA students received e-mails around 4 a.m. Sunday titled “Timely Warning” four hours after a student reported she was raped in lot 14 near Gregg Avenue. The attacker was not found. The warning was e-mailed through the UA emergency notification system, RazAlert. The 4 a.m. warning was the first information […]

UAPD Continues Search for Rape Suspect

UA police continue to pursue leads to identify the suspect involved in the reported rape of a student on campus between 12:10 a.m. and 12:20 a.m. Sunday morning.

UAPD Cracks Down on Scooter Violations

By: Emily Hilley-Sierzchula The number of scooters zooming down campus streets has soared along with record student population. Because of the hazards caused by the dramatic increase in scooters on campus since 2009, the UAPD has announced increased enforcement of state laws concerning eye and head protection. Arkansas law requires people under 21 to wear […]

UAPD Warns Students to Keep Valuables on Them

By: Jovan Davis Many students from small towns are accustomed to leaving doors unlocked and valuables inside their cars, but UAPD is encouraging students about to take their belongings with them, Lt. Gary Crain said. On Sept. 12, a dozen vehicles were broken into and valuables such as iPods, money, and textbooks were stolen, according […]

UAPD Brings in New Officers to Keep Up With Enrollment

By: Amanda Pogue UAPD is trying to reach a ratio of 1.5 officers for every 1,000 students. This puts UAPD on the smaller side, as compared to campus police departments around the country, statistics show. The U of A had 21,405 students enrolled for the 2010-2011 academic year, according to the Office of Institutional Research. […]