Lot 56 Bus Stop to be Replaced

Construction to replace a bus stop in the north end of Lot 56 is estimated to be finished this week, a UA official said.

Buses need thicker concrete at stops, and the concrete there was not sufficient and would deteriorate sooner, David Wilson, communications director of UA Transit and Parking, said in an email.

Construction began Sept. 19, and was estimated to be completed Oct. 4, Wilson said.

Once the new bus stop is completed, eastbound buses on West Carlson Drive can pull over to the right, Wilson said. Vehicles behind the bus will then can continue east on the street, rather than wait behind buses stopped for passengers.

Razorback Transit routes 11 and 13 were altered slightly to avoid the construction area. Those routes entered the west end of Lot 56 from Razorback Road at the parking lot entrance, south of West Ladyback Drive, according to a press release.

Six parking spaces temporarily were not in use because of the construction, Wilson said. Two are handicapped spaces and four are regular spaces.

“There really is no need to have alternative parking options for the six spaces during this project, because there are still many vacant spaces throughout Lot 56,” Wilson said in an email.

A temporary bus stop was opened just south of the construction site in the north part of Lot 56, Wilson said.

Completed construction means that eastbound and westbound routes on West Carlson will have a surface durable enough to withstand frequent bus-stop activity, Wilson said.

Oct. 15 was the first day the new bus stop in Lot 56 was in use

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