Spring Launch Set for Career Connections Class

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The UofA is scheduled to launch a Fulbright college career connections class in the spring semester. The 3000-level course will provide a platform to connect students with employers while also giving students the opportunity to look into diverse career communities, UA career professionals said.

“In the last several years, I have not had individual counseling appointments with students. Instead I’ve been developing relations with employers in order to relay that to students. However, some of that is transforming, because in the spring we will be offering a Fulbright Career Connections class,” said Erica Estes, director of Employer Relations for Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences.

Titled ARSC 3013 in the course catalog, the class will incorporate life-design, a concept employed at Stanford University, Estes said. By using human-centered designs and applying it to the career class Estes believes this class will be “fairly large” and “very interactive.”

“Based on my experience running the Fulbright Advising Center, this will be a course that should be a very popular elective for students of all majors. I hope that plenty of students take advantage of it. I know the content and I think it will be a very worthwhile experience for students,” said Shane Barker, Fulbright assistant dean for advising.

The UofA also offers a one-hour Career Exploration Course (UNIV 1401). It allows students to graduate from the nationally recognized, Career Track Razorbacks that is offered by the Career Development Center. The class also is an eight-week session.

Coursework will include self-awareness, career exploration, experience, job search strategies, resume/cover letter writing, interview skills and professional networking.

Estes also recommends that students enroll in the Design Your Life nine-week mini-session.

“If you’re anxious about your next steps after graduation, consider enrolling in the Design Your Life nine-week mini session class. I will be co-teaching this class with two highly knowledgeable faculty and staff,” Estes said.

“We will move through the human-centered design thinking process to help students feel more confident about building their plans for the future,” she said. “In order to enroll in UNIV 3401, you must email me at ericae@uark.edu before the first class meets.”

The mini-session is a one-hour class but Estes said, “we hope to continue offering this for students and are wanting to expand the course to two hours.”

The class will include lectures on career communities as well as have an online component where students can cultivate e-portfolios. “We want to plug students into something we’ve been growing for years,” Estes said.


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